Thursday, February 19, 2009

16 Large Mammal Fossils Found Near La Brea Tar Pits

During the construction of a new parking garage for a nearby mueseum, scientists discovered an ancient riverbed filled with fossils of many extinct mammals including a saber-toothed tiger, mammoth, American Lion, dire wolves, bison, horses, ground sloths and other mammals.

According to the Associated Press, 16 fossils were found. The scientist were not able to take their time sifting through this dig site because the construction project must continue. Scientist were required to lift the discoveries out by crane so that they can be properly excavated.

Since 1906, scientists have been excavating fossils from the nearby La Brea tar pits. The animal fossils are thought to be between 10,000 to 40,000 years old. This recent find dubed "Project 23" is thought to double the La Brea's Page Museum's current fossil count.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Science Unknown Experiences the Paranormal

Have you ever experienced something that is unknown to the scientific community. Science Unknown staff members have experienced many paranormal encounters over the years. We will share our experiences with you and ask that you let us know any experiences that you may have by commenting on our posts.

As a child, our head writer here at Science Unknown, had a ghost for a friend during a summer visit to a northern town. The ghost would open the front door daily because it was stuck and could not be opened by a nine year old. The ghost continued to follow and keep in touch for years.

There were numerous occasions were the ghost, who claimed to be the ghost of a young boy named Skylar would help with anything that was needed. He constantly protected and served.

Is there a ghost in my closet?

Although many people think the paranormal is all in our heads, more and more evidence has come to light that just might prove once and for all that there are ghosts.

Photographs, heat sensing cameras, night cameras and others have been catching mysterious things on film. Some of these photos have been so good that loved ones of the deceased actually recognize their dead relative in the photo.

Paranormal occurences have been reported nationwide. Some areas where reports are numerous are usually near old cemetaries or other areas where large numbers of people were buried or died, such as old hospitals. There have even been some homes where the reports of hauntings have been given by multiple families that lived in the home.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are Psychics Real?

Not all of them is the simple answer.

Many psychics are just tapping into the part of the brain that most of us do not use. We all have these abilities, we just do not know how to use them or we ignore them. Sometimes we call them things like "women's intuition" and "a feeling".

There are some psychics that are not tapping into their brain but are just trying to convince people they are. They have the abilities, they just do not know how to use them, just like most people.

It is possible for anyone to tap into these powers, but most people do not even try. The next time to decide to step back onto the curb and then a bus zooms by at 45 miles per hour, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What did happen that day when Uri Geller was on the Radio?

Right in front of the radio host, a key that Uri Geller was holding bent right before his eyes. And then a few minutes later they started getting phone calls from all over England. People were claiming that all sorts of metal objects were bending right before their eyes, from keys to spoons, the reports kept flooding in. Soon his mysterious talents were all over the newspapers and headlines.

What kind of paranormal powers does this guy possess? I believe he is controlling things with his mind. He just knows how to do it and we do not. He is using his brain. Most of us only use 10% of our brain.

Do you ever have moments where you know what will happen next, but you do not really believe that it is true and then it happens?

Monday, February 2, 2009

So How Does Uri Geller Do It?

Everyone wonders does Uri Geller use mind over matter to bend spoons or does he just rub them until they warm up and therefore are easily bent. I do agree that you can bend a spoon easily by warming it up with your fingers, however I think something else is going on when you are bending a spoon that you are not even touching.

There is definitely something to mind over matter. I believe everyone has paranormal powers, but most of us just do not know how to use it. Psychokinesis or PK is the ability of the human mind to have power over objects.

People control things many times when they do not even realize it. They want to believe in something so badly, they actually make it happen with their minds. I believe it happens a lot in ghost sightings. They cause noises and make things move with their own minds because they want to believe in ghosts.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mind over Matter

Excerpt from a book about Uri Geller:

Radio listeners who tuned in to the British Broadcasting Corporation's "Jimmy Young Show" on November 22, 1973, knew that something special was in store. Uri Geller, a darkly handsome young nightclub performer from Israel, was to be Young's featured guest on the popular daily program, and the advance billing for the show promised that he would perform patently impossible stunts demonstrating the power of his mind over ordinary objects. But as Geller would report later in an autobiography, even he was surprised at what happened that day.