Monday, February 2, 2009

So How Does Uri Geller Do It?

Everyone wonders does Uri Geller use mind over matter to bend spoons or does he just rub them until they warm up and therefore are easily bent. I do agree that you can bend a spoon easily by warming it up with your fingers, however I think something else is going on when you are bending a spoon that you are not even touching.

There is definitely something to mind over matter. I believe everyone has paranormal powers, but most of us just do not know how to use it. Psychokinesis or PK is the ability of the human mind to have power over objects.

People control things many times when they do not even realize it. They want to believe in something so badly, they actually make it happen with their minds. I believe it happens a lot in ghost sightings. They cause noises and make things move with their own minds because they want to believe in ghosts.

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