Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Clean your Home with Green Products

How to Clean your Home with Green Products

There are many convenient and useful cleaning products, that are also safe and not detrimental to the environment. These are just a few suggestions.

VINEGAR is an excellent cleaner. At first the smell may be an issue for you, but you will soon realize that it dissipates quickly. It can be used in the kitchen on the counter tops, sink, stove top, etc. In the bathroom it is excellent in the shower, counter tops and floors. Anywhere you would use a traditional cleaner. You can purchase it in large quantities at the grocery store. I recommend white vinegar.

BAKING SODA is fantastic. Not only can it clean out your sink and drains, but you can brush your teeth with it also. I love the way it leaves my drains fresh an clean. You can also sprinkle it on your carpets and then vaccuum to get rid of bad odors. I have used it anywhere bad odors arise, including on furniture and baby mattresses. Just vacuum it off.

COOKING OIL - If you have ink on vinyl, you will love using oil to remove it. I thought the ink on my childrens vinyl toys was permanent until I used oil to remove it. I love it!

Do your best to always use green products to clean your home.

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