Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Use Household Items for Cleaning

How to Use Household Items for Cleaning

These days the cost and dangers of typical cleaning products make them undesirable.

LEMONS - Lemons are very useful around the house for cleaning. I love the fresh clean scent they leave in my drain after I grind up the peels in the garbage disposal. Be careful lemons can actually bleach out certain items.

TEA BAGS - Have a stain in your sink. Throw your wet used tea bags on it and they will remove the stain! Tea leaves can also be ground up in your garbage disposal to remove odors.

BAKING SODA - From cleaning to brushing your teeth to deodorizing your carpets, baking soda is extremely useful even if you are not baking. Sprinkle on carpets or couches that need to be deodorized and then vacuum it off. Of course you already know to have one in your refrigerator and freezer, just remember to change it now and then.

VINEGAR - Don't mind the smell it dissipates quickly and you will not smell it at all. Vinegar is almost like a natural bleach, it is a very powerful cleaner. I also spray it in my shower after use to prevent mold and mildew from building up.

Another alternative use is dish soap to stop ants. They will not cross a line of dish soap.

An alternative use for windex is for gold and diamond jewelry cleaning. Your jewelry will shine and the windex will not (can not) damage your gold or diamonds.

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