Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Do Your Part to Reduce Global Warming

How to Do Your Part to Reduce Global Warming

We hear about it every day, but what small things can we do in our everyday lives to help prevent pollution and global warming?

DON'T FALL FOR THE HYPE - When you hear of something that you can do to help with pollution or global warming, research it first because it may be damaging to the environment in other ways. For example, everyone is rushing out to buy compact fluorescent light bulbs, however, these bulbs are full of mercury which is poisoning our environment. Just read the warnings on the packages, it is scary and not a product you should use in your home, especially if you have small children.

REDUCE ENERGY USE - Recently Americans have reduced their use of gas and the price has significantly lowered. Reduce as much energy in every way you possibly can. Put an extra sweater on in the winter and turn down your heater, cover windows and doors where heat can escape and insulate any areas of your home that do not have sufficient insulation.

STOP USING PRODUCTS THAT DAMAGE - Wow, this covers a lot of ground. Research the products you use and found out what is truly damaging. Even some very innocent products such as soy products and cooking oils are damaging the environment because thousands of acres of the rainforests in South America are being cut down to grow them. If people keep buying soy products in large numbers, more and more of the rainforest will be cut down. The entire world depends on the health of the rainforests, we cannot afford to lose much more.

GET INVOLVED - If you have the time, energy, expertise or money to help, now is the time. There are many agencies that are fighting to keep poisons out the of oceans, stop the destruction of the rainforest and save our planet.

Do your part to stop pollution and clean our environment, leave the control of global warming up to mother nature.

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