Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Keep Warm while Skiing

How to Keep Warm while Skiing

These items are actually easy to acquire if you have the money. I rated the article moderate because of the cost.

SILK UNDERGARMENTS - I have had the same silk longjohns, socks and gloveliners for 20 years. They last forever, they are very thin, soft, comfortable and boy do they keep you warm.

WOOL - Itchy, but that is why you wear the silk underneath! Wool really makes a difference. I can't even wear my wool coat very much because it is too warm, if you are someone that has a tendency to be cold, I highly recommend wool.

THINSULATE - It works, of course I combine it with my silk undergarments. The two work great together and I never feel bulky!

MODERN TECHNOLOGY - There are all kinds of new fangled feet warmers, etc. I do not recommend their use, however, for safety purposes you may want to have some kind of instant warmer in your backpack while skiing, etc.

Be prepared if you want to keep warm in the winter.

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