Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Clean Your Microwave with Only Water

How to Clean Your Microwave with Only Water

Don't scrub your microwave until your arm is sore. That baked on, stuck on food can come off easily.

CLEAN DRY RAG - Preferably a 100% cotton dish rag or other cleaning rag that does not have any chemicals on it. The size of a medium sized kitchen towel, not a small wash cloth size. Freshly laundered. If it has a strong smell from a previous cleaning, don't use it.

SOAK - Soak the rag in water until it is sopping wet and place the wet rag in your microwave. Run your microwave for approximately 4 minutes, then let it set for another 10 minutes before you open the door. Be careful if the towel is still hot.

WIPE DOWN - The steam should have loosened all of the food in the microwave. Wipe it down with the towel. This method usually removes the toughest baked on food.

AVOID - Try to avoid the food build up by covering your food with paper towels or plastic wrap.

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