Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Wrap Tapeless Your Gifts

How to Wrap Tapeless Your Gifts

They are not actually wrapped without tape, however the tape cannot be seen. It makes your gifts look very professional.

CUT YOUR PAPER - Make sure you have cut enough paper without cutting too much.

WRAP - Assume you are wrapping a box shaped gift even if it is not. Place your gift upside down on the paper (if possible). Do not tape any of the paper directly onto your gift. Tape paper to paper only. Fold 1" of paper on one side like a hem. Roll 1" pieces of tape into rings, sticky side out. Place 3 tape rings on the hem that you folded. Stretch the paper over the gift that is opposite the hem side. Hold it in place on top of the gift. Then fold the hem side and attached it to the opposite paper.

ENDS - Fold the ends as you normally would, however, make a hem and place 3 more tape rings on the hem. Fold it up to seal. Repeat for the other end.

TIE THE RIBBON WITHOUT KNOTS - Unroll ribbon about 3 times as long as the gift. Stretch center of the ribbon over the top of the gift. Pick up the gift while still holding the ribbon across the gift. Flip it upside down on the table, so now the top of the gift is face down on the table with the ribbon running across it. Run the ribbon across the bottom of the gift until it meets in the middle. Cross the ribbon and run it down the opposite sides of the gift. Hold on and flip the gift over again, now tie the ribbon in a bow. Your gift recipient can untie the ribbon without untying a knot.

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